Shoutout To Our Biggest Fan, Louis:  A Loyal Customer Who Loves Ott Coffee and CBD-Infused Brew 

Published: 25.03.2023

Written by Megan Lane

The Ott Coffee team wants to give a big shout-out to one of our biggest fans. His name is Louis and he lives with his wife in Texas. We want to thank him for his loyalty while finding out more information in regard to his personal experience. He is a major fan of cannabinoid-infused coffee and a loyal, kickass customer.  

Our friend Louis was kind enough to engage in a one-hour interview about the benefits of Ott Coffee, the conditions he suffers from, what other brands he has tried and so much more. 

That’s enough from me, though, let me pass Louis the mic. Read on to find out the experiences of a kind man who has given us ongoing support for years. 

This interview is slightly edited for clarity, readability, and length. 

Hey Louis! Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions on the phone with me today. I’m curious to know, what is your favorite thing about Ott Coffee?

You’re welcome. I’m glad to help out. So, I’ve been drinking Ott Coffee’s decaffeinated Relaxation blend for a long time now. I’d say I began purchasing the whole bean variation at three years, at least.

I have never tried another brand because I wouldn’t want anything else. There is such a good flavor in the roast I sip on every day.

the edge of your chronic pain and soothes the nerves. In 1998, I endured a back injury while working on the job and I’ve suffered every day since. CBD coffee takes the edge off and soothes my nerves while helping to relieve symptoms of the chronic pain condition I’m diagnosed with. 

Are you on prescription medication? I’d rather have CBD than gavapentjn and oxycodone. I prefer a natural approach. Weed is illegal in Texas, you chose CBD because otherwise, doctors would remove your scripts for the other medications. It gives me a whole new way to look at the day. 

How did you discover Ott Coffee?

I first found them online while searching for a holistic approach to address my symptoms. I wish I could smoke pot once in a while. But since that’s not legal here, I found Ott Coffee… and I haven’t looked back since.

I met the founder, Alwan, in person more than a few times. Often I drive right to his house when I need to pick up my monthly supplies. 

My wife bought me a bunch of the Relaxation blend for Christmas and I’m still working on finishing that off (laughs.) She bought me five bags. 

What an awesome present, right? 

Oh shoot, it’s one of the best gifts I could’ve gotten. It honestly doesn’t get any better. I drink four or five cups in the morning every single day. The hemp takes the edge off the negative symptoms of my condition. 

That’s excellent! Do you happen to suffer from anxiety?

Yes definitely. It’s affected my life by causing me to feel edgy sometimes. My wife is in the background listening to me mentioning using the term “edgy” (laughs.) She knows me all too well. But the CBD-infused blend that I brew reduces the pain and relieves stress while promoting relaxation. 

I grind the whole beans fresh from Ott Coffee in the morning hours. The flavor is enhanced when I take this route. However, ground coffee makes one hell of a cup, too. The whole bean just tastes like some damn good coffee.

Sometimes coffee houses serve a cup of joe where the mug essentially tastes better than the brew itself! But with Ott, the taste is not only delicious but also incomparable to any other coffee I’ve had. 

On a scale of 1-10, how much is Ott Coffee improving your life?

On a scale of 1-10, how much is Ott Coffee improving your life?

CBD coffee helps me a lot, so I’d say that it is a solid 8 on a scale of 1-10. 

But there are just some symptoms that hemp coffee cannot alleviate. I experience such high pain levels on an everyday basis. The pain is so bad — nothing could really get rid of it completely.

I suffer from depression which is a result of my chronic pain. I’ve been battling PTSD for a long time, too. I take antidepressants in conjunction with Ott Coffee and two help me out a bit. Depression is hard to beat, though. 

What suggestions do you want to make about Ott Coffee?

I’d like to see Alwan reach a wider market. He’s a really good fella, and I’ve met his father a couple of times and he’s very nice too.

Al is trying really hard and he’s a good people person. Too many folks believe that the world owes them a living — all they care about is earning a paycheck. Alwan isn’t like this at all. He cares about his business and his people (customers, employees, and everyone he comes around.) He deserves the best success life can offer. 

The only suggestion I will make is this: I wish every blend had decaffeinated options available. Let me note that I am really satisfied with the blend I do use from the brand. However, I am curious to try Ott’s other cannabinoid-infused blends. If they’re not decaf, my system can’t handle the caffeine well — I grit my teeth and feel tense. The CBD does reduce the side effects quite a bit, though. I’m sure other customers would also like to see decaf options available in the future.

When Al thinks it’s time to implement these changes, that’s when it’s time. I trust him and would never tell him how to run his company. 

Is there anything else you want to add, Louis? 

The only other thing I want is pretty impossible. But can you get Texas to legalize smoke, Megan? (laughs.)

I wish, Louis!! We are sending you a free bag of your favorite blend to show you the team’s gratitude for your time today. Please enjoy it 🙂

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