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Our Coffee Series

Delta8 coffee by Ott Coffee

Delta8 Coffee ⛱️

Chiapas, Mexico

light – Medium

300mg THC8

6mg/8fl oz ☕

CBD:CBG Coffee by Ott Coffee

Creativity Coffee

Guji, Ethiopian


600mg CBD:CBG

25mg/8fl oz ☕

CBN Coffee by Ott Coffee

Relaxation Decaf Coffee

Cauca, Colombia

Medium - Dark

585mg CBD:CBN + GABA

24mg/8fl oz ☕

CBD coffee by Ott Coffee

Productivity Coffee

Nariño, Colombia


500mg CBD + L-Theanine

15mg/8fl oz ☕


You Ott to Feel it!

To fully experience the numerous benefits of our Cannabinoid infused coffee, the optimal approach is to brew a fresh cup each day of Ott for yourself. Here’s what you can anticipate (Hemp & Cannabis Coffee):

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Simply, Coffee + Hemp Extracts & Nootropics = Unlock the full potential of your day with our specially crafted blend of coffee and cannabinoids and other adaptogens. Whether you’re looking to boost your focus and productivity, or simply relax and unwind before bed, our products are designed to enhance your human experience. Say goodbye to the jitters, anxiety, and crashes associated with traditional coffee and hello to a personalized, tailored experience. Our handcrafted products are made with the highest quality ingredients to ensure maximum effectiveness. Try our new way of drinking coffee and experience the difference for yourself.



I didn’t believe I would be able to tell the difference between regular coffee and Ott, but I was mistaken. I got the same energetic feeling from a regular cup of coffee without the jitters and hard crash. I love the combination of the energy from the caffeine mixed with the focus and relaxation of the CBD, not to mention all of the other benefits as well. Definitely recommend it!

- Danny Riggs

Ott Coffee is tasty and has just the right boost of CBD to make the morning smooth! 10/10, would definitely recommend - best CBD infused coffee I’ve tried!

- T. Dylan Daniel

I have been drinking Ott Coffee for the last two weeks and I honestly feel great after a cup in the morning. I don’t really suffer from any anxiety but I noticed it took away whatever anxiety I had. The coffee tastes great as well. I mix in a little honey, cinnamon and milk to get it to my liking. I look forward to my daily CBD Ott Coffee every morning, you seriously OTTa try it. Thanks Ott Coffee.

- Mario Andrews

I didn’t believe I would be able to tell the difference between regular coffee and Ott, but I was mistaken. I got the same energetic feeling from a regular cup of coffee without the jitters and hard crash.

- Gary Gordon

As someone who only drinks decaf, I rarely get good coffee and I miss it. When you’re not getting the caffeine, you better get a taste. I was so excited when I found Ott Coffee. Not only is it delicious, but the CBD is really nice in the morning. Will definitely purchase again. Highly recommend.

- Kimmothy Cole

As somebody who loves coffee yet struggles with anxiety, I really appreciate Ott coffee. I feel calm and grounded yet focused. I just tried a sample of the decaf blend at the CO-OP today, and I never thought I'd find myself buying decaf but it was very soothing. I want to get some for myself and to share with friends in the evening. Al, the founder, was there at the booth slinging it all himself! I thought that was pretty awesome. He was very kind and informative without being pushy. Plus the coffee has a delicious flavor!!! I like it with a little bit of cinnamon and cream

- Bailey O'Hara

After a long love affair with coffee, I started drinking tea (black) during my morning routine to reduce the jitters and crash from coffee. Had been drinking a pot of tea every morning for about a year.

Then a friend gave me a bag of Ott Coffee. Using a french press, I have two large cups spaced out over the morning. Excellent pick-me-up, excellent flavor, and NO jitters or crash. Truly amazing.

Now I go back and forth between tea and Ott Coffee. This stuff is wonderful. More alertness than with tea, but with none of the coffee negative effects.

- Rio Tomlin

I love dark roasted coffee and Ott has just the right combination of notes! I drink straight up black coffee without sugar and milk and this has become my go-to choice. Before this I was using the Whole Foods brand dark roasted but I have to say that Ott has converted me :)

- Nazneen Rajani

I love coffee that gives me energy but also keeps me calm. I love a good mid-day cup of Ott Coffee!

- John Fitch

This coffee is the right stuff! Balanced and leaves you with the right amount of energy with zero jitters!

Love this stuff!

- Kara Hedlund

Some of my favorite CBD coffee in Austin, Texas! Usually I can only drink a cup of coffee in the morning because I get jittery and anxious. With Ott Coffee, I'm able to enjoy a few cups throughout the day. At first I was skeptical about drinking CBD coffee because I thought it would alter the taste but Ott has perfected their blend and I can honestly say it’s a great cup of coffee!

- Suzzanne Gamboa

We are an Austin based for-purpose coffee company, passionate about doing good for the world through coffee. Local micro-roast, sourcing organic coffee directly from around the world to our top-quality 100% natural american plant derived extracts. This is Nootropics infused coffee. Wellness is our priority and quality our responsibility.