About us



Embrace your pace. The secret behind Ott Coffee is you. Our coffee culture celebrates the idea of oneness – All that is essential, often unspoken. We believe relationships are our greatest wealth and building strong partnerships is what great ideas are built upon.

Our vision is to build a collective community passionate about cultivating personal, local efforts, and supporting those in need.


CBD is the second most abundant cannabinoid found in cannabis. Unlike THC, CBD has no psychoactive effects. It’s derived directly from the hemp plant and is considered a therapeutic cure-all helping with concentration, controlling anxiety, sleeping, reducing pain and inflammation. We use 125- 500 mg of top quality hemp-derived CBD from our providers, Extracts Labs, out of Boulder Colorado. Extracts tests all of their ingredients for potency, pesticides, and heavy metals so you can be sure you’re only consuming pure high-grade CBD infused coffee. Who would pass up a cup of that kind of goodness?

Our Roasters 

Our organic Colombian coffee is sourced from Barrett’s Micro-Roast Coffee. Barrett’s has been serving the Austin area for over 20 years with fine organic coffee from Colombia, Costa Rica, and Ethiopia. Their top quality coffee, attention to sustainability, and our long-time friendship sparked the match made in heaven!


All of our ingredients are 100% natural with no added chemicals or preservatives. We choose each ingredient carefully crafting a perfect blend with you and our environment in mind.

Lab Tested 

Lab-tested for 100% pure full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD extracts. To ensure complete transparency, each batch is tested and approved for quality and available to you on every bag you buy.


As a for-purpose company, we take it upon ourselves to be a force of change in our community. Ott Coffee donates a percentage of our proceeds to help the homelessness population in Austin, Texas. We’re passionate about helping those with mental health issues reintegrate themselves as productive members of our society.