Cannabinoid-Infused Coffee: Savoring the Taste.

Published: 29.05.2023

Cannabinoid-infused coffee, a trend in the field of coffee brewing, is evolving to be the new buzz in the coffee industry. The emergence of CBD and other cannabinoids has brought about a progressive shift in the landscape of coffee manufacturing.

CBD-infused coffee has been a hot topic in conversation among many coffee enthusiasts, as cannabidiol + caffeine offers consumers the best of both worlds —  the relaxing, calming effect of CBD and the energizing, the stimulating effect of a cup of joe.

Moreover, beyond the health benefits the addition of cannabinoids into brewed coffee enhances the taste,  producing a wild new profile that is bursting with rich, smooth flavors. You can’t beat that. 

Are you curious as to what exactly this blended mixture tastes like, well wonder no more! At Ott Coffee, cannabinoid-infused coffee products are from high-quality ingredients and provide a unique coffee experience.

The coffee blends offer consumers a variety of options to suit different tastes. Well, let’s dive into the world of coffee and cannabinoids and explore the types of coffee that bring forth this innovative and tasty cannabinoid-infused coffee. 

The types of coffee used in CBD coffee.

Colombian coffee.

Colombia has the ideal location for coffee growing, the mountains and the elevated terrains contain great soil that is essential in the growth of coffee. There is also the perfect balance of rainfall and sunlight. The temperature there is excellent, perfect soil, and the exact right amount of rainfall.

The coffee beans are harvested by ‘cherry picking’ meaning every bean is picked by hand. This is because humans can tell the difference between unripe, overripe, and green coffee beans. Some beans are ready to be harvested, while some aren’t. The Colombian coffee producer can inspect and recognize which beans are ready to get processed and which are not quite ready yet.

The two main varieties of coffee beans are Arabica beans and Robusta beans. Although both are compared to each other often, coffee lovers can conclude that Arabica is more pleasant and appealing than the two. Although a little pricier, Arabica is sweeter, smoother on the throat, has chocolate-esque flavor notes, and has less caffeine than Robusta.

Some people may prefer Robusta, but it has a stronger taste. Robusta tends to be more bitter and harsher when drinking it. It also has more caffeine than Arabica, which can kick a person awake. Preferences aside, new coffee drinkers are more likely to enjoy using Arabica beans more. Colombia is one of the only countries that produces 100% Arabica beans.

Advantages of Colombian Coffee.

Presence of antioxidants.

Colombian coffee contains a lot of antioxidants. Free radicals can build up over time inside your body, and the only way to eliminate them is through oxidation. It occurs on a cellular level and keeps your body healthy and strong. If the cells can’t get rid of free radicals and other harmful particles, they simply remain stuck and will not perform their proper functions. The antioxidants are beneficial in that they help speed up the process through which your cells regenerate and maintain function.

Colombian coffee abounds in polyphenols. They are potent antioxidants that can help to rid your body of free radicals. One of the most common compounds in this food is chlorogenic acid. Besides its potent antioxidant activity, this compound preserves heart function. It also has a beneficial effect on blood glucose and cholesterol levels, thus helping to reduce the risk of diabetes and keeping blood vessels in good shape.

Polyphenols act at the cellular level and thus prevent mutations that lead to the appearance of cancer.

Boosting energy levels.

The caffeine in Colombian coffee acts by inhibiting the neurotransmitter adenosine, which induces drowsiness. Therefore by imitating adenosine it interferes with the receptors that sense the neurochemical and prevent them from functioning normally. As a result, you don’t feel sluggish and exhausted, which keeps you alive, alert, and awake.

Other benefits.

Colombian coffee comes with tons of compounds that play a vital influence on our overall well-being. It has the following substances: Phlorol, which keeps us energetic and alert, Dicaffeoylquinic acid, which protects us from neuron damage, Trigonelline, which fights cavity-causing bacteria in our mouth, and Niacin, which is cell-rejuvenating and prevents dementia.

In Ott Coffee Colombian coffee is blended with CBD to produce cannabinoid-infused coffee that aims at relaxation and productivity. The fine coffee comes from Nariño and Cauca, Colombia, and the broad-spectrum CBD oil comes from Boulder, Colorado.

For the productivity series formula a medium roast coffee is blended with smooth notes of caramel, chocolate, and vanilla flavors, this brings out a unique taste.

The coffee is obtained from a grower called Alba Diela López Riascos from Colombia Narino El Mirador Anaerobic.

For the relaxation series formula a medium roast coffee blend with smooth notes of caramel, chocolate, and fruity flavors for a more fruitful taste.

This coffee is obtained from a family-owned farm organized around Asociación de Mujeres Caficultoras del Cauca (AMUCC) from Colombia Ft Organic  Cauca  AMUCC Women’s Cooperative.

Ethiopian coffee.

Ethiopia radiates a good and favorable environment for coffee production. The high elevations in the southern mountainous regions create excellent growing conditions, resulting in delicious Ethiopian coffee beans. The soil is rich in nutrients which is very efficient in better growth of the coffee beans.

Ethiopian coffee beans give off bright fruited and floral flavors due to the processing method. Wet-processed or washed coffees result in beans characterized by their complex and bright notes, creating a divine-tasting product. The flavor is known to be intense, rich, fruity, and premium, producing a delicious cup of coffee. It has a taste of citrus, chocolate, and red berries with the aftertaste of a subtle hint of jasmine flower, bergamot, and blueberry.

Advantages of Ethiopian coffee.

Improve brain function.

Caffeine, the active ingredient in Ethiopian coffee,  improves brain function. It works by blocking the neurotransmitter adenosine, which can make you feel tired and sluggish. This leads to increased alertness, concentration, and productivity. In addition to caffeine, Ethiopian coffee beans also contain other compounds that have been shown to improve cognitive function, such as theophylline and chlorogenic acid.

Reduces the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. 

Ethiopian coffee contains compounds like chlorogenic acid and caffeic acid that assist in the regulation of blood sugar levels. It raises energy expenditure and thermogenesis to insulin sensitivity. This, therefore, reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Presence of antioxidants.

Ethiopian coffee beans are known for their high levels of antioxidants. Antioxidants are compounds that protect the body against free radicals, which can cause cell damage and lead to chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

In Ott Coffee, Ethiopian coffee is blended with CBD to produce a cannabinoid-infused coffee for creativity. The fine coffee comes from Guji, Ethiopia, and is infused with our broad-spectrum CBD: CBG oil comes from Boulder, Colorado. The coffee is obtained from a grower, Tewabech Tilo, from Ethiopia Yirgacheffe 1 Natural Organic.

The Creativity Series formula is a light-medium roasted coffee single Ethiopian origin blend with smooth notes of sweet berry, chocolate, and lemon flavors with a mixture of CBD, CBG-THC at a ratio of 1:1. 

Mexican coffee.

Chiapas in Mexico is the producer of all regions because the vast majority of farms are family-owned. Its proximity to Guatemala gives it a similar favorable climate for coffee growth.

The wet process which is commonly used involves rinsing and crushing the coffee fruits until the inner pit can be separated from the fruit. The pit is the coffee bean that is eventually roasted and consumed. This imparts a cleaner, brighter, and fruitier flavor to the finished product which is a green unroasted coffee bean.

Mexican coffee has clean balanced, light-nut, and fruit flavors with notes of chocolate, nuts, citrus, and lemon.

Advantages of Mexican coffee.

Performance boost.

Caffeine is a stimulant in Mexican coffee that stimulates the nervous system and increases adrenaline levels. It, therefore, increases physical performance and increases productivity in certain activities.

Aids in fat burn.

Caffeine is a natural substance that burns fat. Mexican coffee aid in the burning of fat as it enhances the release of fatty acids, which your body uses for fuel. It also boosts the rate of metabolism.

Overall boost to health. 

Beyond all of these individual benefits, Mexican coffee contains essential nutrients that support your health in general. Just one cup of Mexican coffee has riboflavin, magnesium, potassium, and more. 

In Ott coffee the Mexican coffee is blended with cannabinoids to produce a Delta series formula that is a light-medium roasted coffee single-origin Mexican blend supporting women-owned coffee farmers in Chiapas, Mexico called Mayan Harvest Women’s Group with smooth notes of cherry cola, and caramel, a broad-spectrum Delta8 for euphoric, uplifted, and happy feeling.

This blend is for you to decide when it fits within your day, free of caffeine jitters, anxiety, and crashes. leaving you in a great mood ready to conquer your moment.

This fine coffee comes from Chiapas, Mexico, and is infused with our broad-spectrum THC8 oil which comes from Boulder, Colorado. Includes a variety of cannabinoids CO2-extracted cannabinoids (Delta8) hemp oil. 

Each coffee has its unique flavor that draws you in: 

Colombian – has a flavor of caramel, chocolate, vanilla, and fruity taste.

Ethiopian- has smooth notes of sweet berry, chocolate, and lemon flavors.

Mexican- has fruit flavors with notes of chocolate, caramel, nuts, citrus, and lemon.


The trend of infusing coffee with cannabinoids has gained popularity in recent years. While there are potential health benefits associated with cannabinoid-infused coffee, the taste is also a factor that has contributed to its rising popularity. 

The infusion of cannabinoids can add a unique flavor profile to coffee, creating a smooth and rich taste. However, it’s important to note that the effects of cannabinoids vary from person to person, and the consumption of cannabinoid-infused coffee should be done in moderation and with caution. Overall, for those who enjoy the taste of coffee and are curious about the potential benefits of cannabinoids, trying a cup of cannabinoid-infused coffee from Ott Coffee may be worth your while.

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