I started my business & I tried CBD Coffee for a month

Published: 28.10.2020

How I started my Ott coffee business

Being in graduate school has turned me into a big-time coffee drinker. All the early mornings and constant assignments have made me dependent on that morning energy juice. And I love it. Everything from the taste of coffee to the way its aroma fills the air has me hooked. Everything except for one thing: how anxious and jittery it makes me feel. Of course, this varies on the type of coffee I drink. But usually, my post-coffee-high crash involves a lot of nervous feelings in my stomach that force me to take some deep breaths and several paces around my apartment. It got to the point where I started to dislike drinking coffee because of how it made me feel. I started to skip it some mornings because I didn’t want to feel that way. 

After complaining to a friend about this, he recommended that I try CBD-infused coffee. He said that I would get all the good parts of coffee (the flavor, alertness, and focus) without the bad parts (the nervous jitters). He explained that Cannabidiol (CBD) is the non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis and that research shows that CBD has been useful in easing symptoms for a number of ailments. These ailments include anxiety, skin conditions, chronic pain, and inflammation. When mixed with coffee, your brain helps your body get into the zone while still keeping you awake and focused – and it won’t get you high! 

This sounded perfect to me, so I started searching for CBD-infused coffees to try. Ott Coffee came to my attention in the middle of March, at the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak here in the states. I was wanting to support local businesses at the time, and I found that Ott Coffee is roasted locally in Austin, so it was a perfect match. I ordered two bags of ground coffee, one from the Productivity Series and one from the Relaxation Series, and I drank them every day for a month. This is what I thought about the Productivity Series: 


I think I spent a solid 20 seconds after opening the bag just appreciating how good it smelled. If I could make an air freshener with that scent, I would. 


I drank my coffee black because I wanted to really taste the flavor notes. Normally, I don’t like my coffee plain, but this coffee was so flavorful that I loved it. And I prefer it that way now. I could taste all of the caramel, chocolate, and vanilla notes. It didn’t taste bitter or sour like how other coffees taste black. This coffee also honestly tastes rich, rich in history and quality. I felt like I could taste the story of where it came from; it tasted very earthy and smokey and I could just picture the Colombian fields these coffee beans came from. 


I honestly felt just how the package said I would feel: alert, calm and focused. For example, I had a particularly busy morning a couple of weeks ago that I was dreading because I had a lot of emails and video calls to get through. I brewed my cup of coffee and sat down on my laptop ready to get to work, slowly sipping it down. The next thing I know, I am getting off of my last call feeling extremely productive. I was so focused and buzzing through my emails and tasks, the day felt like it had just flown by. And I felt absolutely none of the usual coffee jitters I would get before that would force me to get up and pace to calm down. I only felt the alertness of coffee with surprising calmness. The sensation was honestly incredible. 

Get Yourself Some OTT Coffee

If you want to enjoy a cup of deliciously rich and flavorful CBD-infused coffee that won’t have you shaking with jitters, get yourself some Ott Coffee. online.

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